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Efficient protection against vandalism

Replacing expensive custom-made glass can be avoided. Installation of 3M security film provides great savings.

Shops, cafes and restaurants on crowded streets are very familiar with great expenses due to vandalism.

Shops as watchmakers and jewellery stores especially suffer from scratch marks on windows with custom-made glass. Replacing such windows altogether will be a great expense for the shops. These costs can easily be brought to a minimum by installing  security film from 3M.

Nordic Glass Security are specialised in installing this type of window film. The security film is a thin film installed on the windows most exposed to vandalism.

If the windows are scratched, the security film is easily stripped off by our skilled staff and a new film is installed right away. This is a much more affordable method than replacing or polishing the glass.

Trains and other public transports have used this type of vandalism protection with great success for years, as it is a simple and cost-effective method of protection.


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