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Nordic Glass Security protects you, your employees and your customers.

In recent years, terrorism has moved closer and is no longer only associated with distant parts of the world. Terrorists are now targeting crowded shopping streets and centers, and it is therefore something we can all be affected by in our daily lives.

Terrorists are unpredictable, always looking for new methods to injure more people and hit us where we are most vulnerable. Methods often used are bombs or explosives. In these incidents, PET (Danish Security and Intelligence Service) has estimated that approximately 90% of injuries are caused by flying shards of glass.

Safety film is therefore mentioned in PET’s campaign “Omtanke” (“Care”). This campaign shows how to best protect yourself against terror. PET describes safety film as a simple, efficient and affordable method of protection. Therefore, they recommend that all shops, cafes and restaurants in crowded areas have safety film installed.

Nordic Glass Security gives you professional advice and can provide a simulation of incidents that could occur at your place of business. This provides you with documentation of capability and security in any given incident.

Nordic Glass Security provides you with professional advice on the use of safety film and we are able to create simulations to document performance and protection in various scenarios.


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