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Avoid work related injuries or damaged products by installing 3M security film.

In companies that produce and handle food products, flying shards of glass from a broken window or damaged glass partition, can ruin the whole production or parts of it.

Security film is a simple and cost-effective solution. It eliminates the risk of flying shards of glass that could damage products at great expense to the company.

Securing windows with safety film also helps protect employees in case of accidents where glass is shattered, and minimises the risk of work related injuries caused by broken glass or flying shards.

In the construction industry, changes to construction plans or misdelivery can result in glass not being laminated as otherwise expected. In this case, lamination with 3M security film is a cost-effective solution to the problem. Nordic Glass Security has, to the satisfaction of our customers, implemented this solution on even iconic buildings where requirements for the end product are very high.


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