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Burglary and break-in

Make it harder for the burglar and minimise consequential damage in case of break-in with 3M Ultra security film.

Burglars go for easy smash-and-grab targets. It is therefore of vital importance to make it as hard as possible for the burglar to get through to the target.

In any building, windows and doors are the weakest points of entry – even when locked. With professional advice and installation of the correct security film, you will make it more difficult for the intruder to get in and may discourage him from trying to enter altogether.

Nordic Glass Security has great experience with installation of security film. Experience shows that after a few attempts the burglars leave to target other buildings with unprotected windows and doors. The security film is designed to hold broken glass together. Consequential damage from an attempted break-in is thereby minimised, as flying shards of glass are prevented from damaging your furniture and floors. The Ultra series, developed by 3M, is a series of special multi-layer films that are extra hard to break through. At Nordic Glass Security we are always ready to provide advice regarding 3M security film and to offer you professional installation.


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