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Secure glass and windows

Protect persons and property with unbreakable glass and safety film for windows

Glass is everywhere around us. When at work, in the city or at home, we are surrounded by glass in windows, doors and partitions. It is a material with many benefits and is used more than ever as a building material and decoration in modern construction work.

By using glass, we can preserve the view to our surroundings and enjoy the benefits of daylight. But at the same time it causes a security risk. In the event of explosion, vandalism, burglary and accidents, broken glass can inflict serious injury and damage on persons and property.

Saves human lives

Broken glass from accidents and other violent events can inflict serious injury. In explosions, small pieces of glass are turned into projectiles that can cause serious harm and even kill.

PET (Danish Security and Intelligence Service) has actually estimated that approximately 90% of injuries are caused by flying shards of glass.

By securing your windows with safety film or unbreakable glass, you can reduce the amount of flying pieces of glass and decrease the risk of injury on persons.

You can even save human lives.

Protects your valuables

Windows and sections of glass are typically the weakest point in a building and often the first point a burglar will attempt to enter through.

Security film and unbreakable glass, however, makes it extremely difficult, or completely impossible, for the burglar to penetrate the glass. As a result, your valuables and intellectual property is protected.

You also prevent pieces of glass from damaging your furniture and stock in case of accidents, vandalism and other violent events.

In the video, Klaus Fristrup at RM-Group explains the term “The Burglary Triangle” and how securing windows is very effective in preventing burglaries. The principles discussed apply to both security film and unbreakable glass.

Strengthen your security with the strongest solutions on the market

3M Window Film

Security film for windows

Security film holds broken glass together and is designed to protect humans from flying shards of glass in case of explosions and other violent events. The window film also makes it difficult to penetrate the glass and is there effective in securing against burglary.


Unbreakable glass

Hammerglass® is made of nano surface-treated polycarbonate which is 300 times stronger than glass and therefore virtually unbreakable. It is also splinter-free and so prevents glass splinters from entering the building and causing injury and damage to persons and valuables. Hammerglass® provides effective protection in case of both burglary and explosion.

Which solution should I choose?

Which security solution is the right for you, depends on what you want to secure and what you wish to secure against. Click below to read more about securing against various threats.


Replacing expensive custom-made glass can be avoided. 3M security film provides great savings.


Get thorough documentation and simulations when securing your windows against explosion.


Burglary and break-in

Make it harder for the burglar and minimise consequential damage in case of break-in with 3M Ultra security film.


Avoid work related injuries or damaged food products by installing 3M security film.

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